Upcoming Events at Something White

Here are Something White we love a good party (with bubbles of course!) which is why we like to host events regularly! Below are our upcoming events- have an idea for an event? Let us know!

Pronovias Atelier is coming to town and we are pretty giddy about it! Pronovias Atelier is the "big sister" of Pronovias and offers luxurious fabrics and customizations that can't be done on Pronovias Atelier gowns. Want a different neckline? done. Want to close up the back? easy. Want to add long sleeves? love that idea and done. Pronovias Atelier Gown Events are some of our most popular events so book early! We can't wait to see which gown you choose!

Gowns that will be available at the event in addition to our permanent collection:


Constellation- she can be lined

Cosmos- the puff sleeve can be a traditional long sleeve

Estrella- can close the neckline


Lux- multiple customizations available

Solaris- can be lined



Oh Lela Rose- one of our very first designers when we opened the shop and we are still OBSESSED with her gowns. They are chic, timeless, flattering and super unique all while still being bridal- not an easy feat! We will have some of our favorite Lela Rose gowns on loan for the weekend and all Lela Rose gowns will be on special. This event doesn't come around very often (the last time we did it was 3 years ago!) so take advantage!

Looking for a uniquely beautiful wedding gown? Not to worry, we've done the legwork for you. Our curated collection of couture wedding gowns offers brides options that are anything but ordinary. It's why brides travel to us from all over the Midwest in hopes of finding their very own "Something White".