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Our goal at Something White is to provide all our brides with an intimate, memorable gown shopping experience while finding a gown they feel beautiful, confident and excited wearing! To accomplish this, we take one appointment at a time. Each bride gets 60-90 minutes (depending on the appointment type) in the shop with just themselves and their guests. This allows us to be intentional with the appointment, get to know our brides and help curate the look beyond just the gown. 


Hello and thank you for stopping by! One thing that makes Something White unique is that we take one appointment at a time. That's right! After you and your party arrive, we close the door and invite you to relax and enjoy this experience in a calm and welcoming environment for the duration of your 1-2 hr appointment. Something White owner and stylist, Rebecca takes all bridal appointments and is able to answer all your questions on fabrics, fit, timelines etc. She curates all the gowns in the shop and after 13 years of owning Something White, has the knowledge and style to make sure you feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day!


When you make your appointment you will notice we ask a lot of wedding questions! This is so we can get to know you and your wedding and what you want in a wedding gown. We use these questions as a jumping off point for your preappointment phone call/text where we will discuss specific gowns you want to try on during your appointment and how you want to feel on your wedding day. Our gowns range from $3500-$9000 (most fall between $4500-$6500) and feature luxurious fabrics, impeccable construction and cutting edge design. Up to 4 guests are permitted with this type of appointment. 

Gown Events

Oh how we wish we could carry every gown that our designers have every made, but we simply can't. To combat this, we host Gown Events! Gown Events occur throughout the year when we borrow gowns we don't have in our shop and they "hang" around for a weekend. You can see a list of our Gown Events and other happenings on our Events page.

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