Our goal at Something White is to provide all our brides with an intimate, memorable gown shopping experience while finding a gown they feel beautiful, confident and excited wearing! To accomplish this, we take one appointment at a time. Each bride gets 60-90 minutes (depending on the appointment type) in the shop with just themselves and their guests. This allows us to be intentional with the appointment, get to know our brides and help curate the look beyond just the gown. 

First Gown Appointment

This is our most popular appointment. It is 90 minutes long and you will try on anywhere between 5-15 gowns. When you make your appointment you will notice we ask a lot of wedding questions! This is so we can get to know you and the type of gown you want. We like to be prepared to make the most of your time bc we get it, wedding planning is time consuming! Our gowns range from $2500-$7000 (most fall between $3000-$5500) and feature luxurious fabrics, impeccable construction and cutting edge design. Our styling fee turns into store credit for 30 days and can be used for anything in our shop from gowns to veils to jewelry. Up to 4 guests are permitted with this type of appointment. 

Window Shopping Appointment

We get it, finding your wedding gown is a new experience that you most likely haven't done before, so where do you start?! If you don't want to dive in with a 90 min appointment to find your wedding gown, we suggest making a Window Shopping Appointment to view our gown collection and chat with our staff. You won't try on gowns during this time- that's where your First Gown Appointment comes in- but you will be able to see the shop and our gowns and ensure we are a good fit for you! There is no styling fee for a Window Shopping Appointment but we do ask that you make an appointment so we know you are coming. Up to 4 guests are permitted with this type of appointment. 

Gown Events

Oh how we wish we could carry every gown that our designers have every made, but we simply can't. To combat this, we host Gown Events! Gown Events occur throughout the year when we borrow gowns we don't have in our shop and they "hang" around for a weekend. You can see a list of our Gown Events and other happenings on our Events page.


Shop Opening Appointment

Don't see a day or time that works for you? We may be able to arrange an appointment during our closed hours. A $250 shop opening fee will apply and can be used toward any purchase within 14 days. Up to 6 guests are allowed with this type of appointment. 

*COVID-19 Precautions*

We want to give you information on how we are striving to minimize the spread of COVID-19 during your appointment:

Rebecca is fully vaccinated for COVID-19. 

All individuals who are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 do not need to wear a mask during an appointment. 

If you are not fully vaccinated for COVID-19 we ask that you state this when entering the shop and our staff will wear a mask. 

We allow 4 guests maximum + the bride for an appointment.