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FAQ- Let's answer all your questions. Still have some? Email Rebecca

What kind of experience can I expect?

From the moment you step foot into Something White my goal is to make you feel relaxed and at home. I designed my boutique and gown shopping experience to make you feel taken care of, excited and confident so you can concentrate and find the gown you love. One of the best compliments I receive is when a bride and her guests are leaving their appointment and tell me that shopping at Something White was better and easier than they ever imagined and exactly the way buying a wedding gown should be. I like to think of my store as luxury bridal in Cleveland without the luxury attitude.

In terms of specifics, my gowns are of high quality construction and fabrics and are made to order- this reduces waste and provides a better experience as you can make changes that are important to you. We will begin by trying on 5-6 gowns and adjusting as we go based on your feedback until we find one that makes you beam and smile and feel giddy with excitement. I do have a gown rating system that we will discuss at the beginning of your appointment that my brides love b/c it takes the overwhelming feeling away and allows you feel calm and excited. Appointments are booked for 1 hr.

What are the prices of your gowns?

At Something White, I work with designers that use quality fabrics, good construction and are made to order. Gowns are made to order in the US, Canada or the UK and bc of these things gowns start at $3,500 and go up to $10,000 with the majority falling between $5,000-$8,000. If you are looking for a quality, designer gown at a lower price point or want a more sustainable option, sample gowns might be the answer. Sample gowns (gowns that are sold off the rack and taken home that day) are $3,000 and below and range in size from 8-16. These gowns have been tried on in the store but have never been down the aisle.

What sizes are your gowns?

Sample gowns that are in store and available to try on range from 8-16. Gowns can be ordered in sizes 00-30.

When should I start shopping?

A good rule of thumb before trying on gowns is to:

1) Choose your wedding date. You will want to know how much time you have as typically gowns take 5 months to arrive after being ordered and then you want to allot yourself roughly 3 months for alterations. I suggest ordering your gown at a minimum of 9 months before your wedding but 10-11 months to give yourself some wiggle room.

2) Choose your venue- Choosing a gown without a venue can be difficult unless you have a strong vision of the gown you want. A beach wedding vibe is going to be a different gown than a ballroom wedding vibe and when you are standing in a gown you will want to envision the gown in the venue to ensure they align.

3) Do your research- This is a big one but will take so much stress off your mind. Start researching stores and designers on social media/Pinterest etc and find gowns/designers that excite you. Ensure those designers and stores are within your budget and make an appointment. With research and going into your appointment armed with images you shouldn't need to go to more than 1-2 appointments. Although reality tv wants you to believe this is a stressful and impossible process, it is not. With research, most brides find their gown at the first or second appointment. Don't be afraid to make a decision, finding a gown is the ultimate goal in going shopping! 

4) Shop when you are ready to purchase- Like so many things these days you never know what tomorrow will bring in regards to shipping, fabrics, timelines etc. I always say start shopping when you are mentally, emotionally and financially ready to purchase a wedding gown. Go into your appointments with a positive, open mind!

How many people can I bring?

I tell my brides it's not the quantity of people you bring but the quality. Although I suggest bringing 4 or less guests to your appointment, the people you bring should be well versed on what type of gown you want, what your budget is, who is paying for the gown and why you asked them to come. Wedding gown shopping is such an exciting aspect of the wedding experience that these things often get overlooked and it causes stress to everyone involved. If you brought guests to help you make a decision, let them know that you want their input; if you brought guests to be a part of the experience but don't want their opinions, let them know. It's imperative you bring guests who are cheering for you to find your gown and want you to wear what makes you happy and excited, not what they think you should wear- there is a huge difference! 

What about alterations?

In the past, Something White provided in house alterations but I found that brides liked the flexibility of options. With that said, I have recommendations for alterations specialists in Cleveland and around the US to ensure you feel comfortable and confident that you are working with a professional. Altering a wedding gown is very different than altering a pair of pants. If time and location allows, I am always happy to attend my bride's fittings to ensure everyone feels comfortable. I recommend budgeting $500-$900 for alterations depending on what you need. 

Finding your gown is just the beginning. I will help guide you through all the ins and outs of your wedding day look from veils to alterations to day of gown assistance to gown cleaning and preservation. I help my brides anyway I can. A bride once told me I was a "Wedding Gown Fairy Godmother" and I love that title. I am so excited to meet you and help you on your wedding gown journey. -Rebecca

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