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Something White Services

A core belief at Something White is to help brides throughout their wedding journey. Helping can take on different forms:

Visit Something White for a one-on-one private appointment with Rebecca. She will guide you through trying on gowns to find a gown that makes you feel confident, beautiful and excited.

Appointments start at $75/hr

Your wedding gown journey should be fun, exciting and most importantly stress free. But maybe you're finding you need an expert opinion to help make your final gown decision or you don't know where to start. This is where Rebecca and her 14 years of wedding gown experience can help! Think of this service as an interior designer but for wedding gowns.

Styling starts at $50/hr

Bridal Concierge Services supports the bride, family and attendants on the wedding day to ensure the fashion side of the day runs smoothly without any wrinkles, rips or mishaps. Rebecca will assist with picking up your gown from alterations, pressing, dressing and styling throughout the wedding day.

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