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Bridal Concierge Services


Less wedding gown stress, more wedding gown excitement! There are more wedding gowns and wedding gown designers than ever before and finding a wedding gown that makes you feel confident and beautiful in the thousands of options can be complicated and overwhelming- especially while working full time and juggling other aspects of wedding planning and life! Enter Bridal Concierge Styling to make the gown shopping experience less stressful and more impactful. 

What is Bridal Concierge Styling

Brides hire a wedding planner to assist with the wedding vision, florals, logistics and overall feel of the wedding as well as to ensure a smooth execution of the wedding day. But more often than not brides are left to their own devices when it comes to one of the most important aspects of the wedding: the wedding gown!

Wedding gown shopping has evolved since your mom or grandma bought their wedding gown and many brides find it difficult to navigate. Where to shop, which designers are your style, who to bring shopping, the alterations process, timelines, budgets etc. Bridal Concierge Styling is here to help from the first time you put on a wedding gown all the way through to your wedding day and the last time you put on a wedding gown. Bridal Concierge Styling helps you navigate your wedding gown journey so you feel confident, beautiful and less stressed.


How does Bridal Concierge Styling work?

It starts with a conversation. You and Rebecca will have a phone conversation to discuss your wedding vision, how you want to feel on your wedding day as well as review photos of gowns that catch your eye from Instagram, Pinterest or TikTok. All these points will help guide your gown choices. 

Then, Rebecca is in the unique position that she owns a mid to high end bridal boutique in addition to offering Bridal Concierge Styling. With hundreds of gowns at her fingertips, you will have your first try on session at Something White to see what fit and fabrics you like and of course what excites you! 

Rebecca will walk your through trying on gowns and answering all your questions. If you find your gown at Something White- yay! your Bridal Concierge Styling fee will go toward your gown purchase. If you don't find your gown don't worry the next step in the process is Rebecca providing you a lookbook of other gowns you should try on out of the thousands available in the Cleveland area and beyond. 

Rebecca will schedule you additional appointments, attend your appointments as an impartial stylist and help you narrow down your gown choices until you find the one that makes you giddy! This service starts at $50/hr with a minimum of 4 hours.

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