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What is Bridal Concierge Wedding Day Services?!

"Bridal Concierge Wedding Day Services is day of wedding gown pressing and bridal assistance to ensure the bride and bridal party feel comfortable, beautiful and confident in their wedding attire and to ensure every crease is pressed, every button is buttoned and every fashion detail is addressed from walking down the aisle to walking into the reception."

In short, as one bride said: Rebecca is a wedding gown fairy godmother. 

Who is Rebecca?! 

"Rebecca has owned and operated the bridal boutique Something White, in Cleveland OH for over 12 years and has helped thousands of brides navigate their wedding day fashions. She has helped brides from the beginning of their gown experience and she is now excited to help brides complete their gown experience by assisting them on their wedding day! You can learn more about Rebecca HERE.


Bridal Concierge Wedding Day Services


What is included?!

Each bride will receive their own customized proposal after meeting with Rebecca but typically: 

  • Press/steam wedding gown and veil

  • Press/steam additional dresses (bridesmaids, MOB/MOG)

  • Assist the photographer with styling the wedding gown prior to the bride getting dressed

  • Provide a touch up press after gown styling photos

  • Assist the bride in dressing and then step away for that quintessential gown zipping photo with her mom, sister or other important person in her life

  • Assist with any fashion emergencies: ie straps breaking, stuck zippers etc.

  • Prepare the bride for walking down the aisle- ensuring the wedding gown train is fluffed and the veil is perfect before making the big entrance

  • Assist with wedding photos after the ceremony- we treat these photos like a photoshoot and ensure every fashion detail is in place so the photographer can focus on the photos

  • Bustle the wedding gown and help remove the veil after wedding photos

  • After the wedding Rebecca will arrange to pick up of your wedding gown to have it cleaned and preserved and sent back to your location of choice


Is this service only for brides who purchased their gown at Something White?

NO! Bridal Concierge Services is open to any bride regardless of where they purchased their gown.

How does the timing work?

Typically we will meet the bride in her hotel room or home (wherever she is getting dressed) the morning of her wedding and then stay until she is ready to have her gown bustled. Times are flexible.

Are you available every weekend?

Contact us to see if your date is open. 


Since each bride has a unique schedule and unique needs, pricing will vary. Full day and pressing only available.

Do you travel?

Yes! Rebeca has helped brides in different parts of Ohio as well as outside Ohio. 

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