Congratulations! We hope you had a ball dancing the night away at your wedding and if you did chances are your wedding gown paid the price! You will want to clean and preserve your wedding gown sooner than later after your wedding, typically with 2-3 weeks. Think about it, you don't leave dirty laundry in a hamper for more than a week and this isn't just a t-shirt it's your wedding gown! 


This package includes: Gown cleaning and preservation, $2500 in shipping insurance, your gown wrapped in unbleached muslin, and hand pressed. You can include up to 5 accessories including: veil-train-hat-jacket-shawl-cape-duster-ring pillow-money bag-purse-handkerchief-gloves-garter-scarf.


You can drop off your wedding gown at Something White after your transaction is complete Rebecca will contact you to schedule your drop off. Once we have the gown, we will inspect it to call attention to any stains and then ship it off to NYC to be cleaned and preserved. It will then be sent directly back to you at your address of choice. Easy, peasy, DONE!

Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation